Add a new website

  • cPanel: add a new subdomain
  • >> My Sites >> Network Admin >> Sites. Add new site. Use the same subdomain as above.

Configure WP Members

  • >> Pages. Create 3 pages:
    1. title: Log In, content: [wpmem_form login]
    2. title: Register, content: [wpmem_form register]
    3. title Profile, content: [wpmem_profile]
  • >> Settings >> WP Members. Configure just like on the other websites (which includes adding references to the 3 pages above). Don’t copy the settings for “Set a custom email name”, instead set it to the name of the current website.

Add Documents

  • >> Appearance >> Menus. Add a custom link: URL: /documents, Title: Documents
  • (>> Settings >> Permalinks. Visit this section in order to clear the cache – so the above action takes effect)

Assign Domain

  • set the DNS record to point to the server IP (cPanel should show the IP)
  • >> My Sites >> Network Admin >> Sites. Click on the website and get its ID from the url
  • >> My Sites >> Network Admin >> Settings >> Domains. New Domain: add the site id and the domain.